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Monday, July 28, 2008

The History of Presto

Presto was founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where it manufactured industrial-size pressure canners, known as "canner retorts." In 1939 the company introduced the first saucepan-style pressure cooker and gave it the brand name "Presto," which soon became synonymous with pressure cooking. In 1949 Presto introduced its first electric appliance, the Presto vapor steam iron, and in the '50s, the company's line of pressure cookers was further expanded to include lighter-weight stamped aluminum models and the first line of stainless-steel pressure cookers. Presto furthered its reputation as an innovator with a complete line of fully submersible electric cooking appliances (1956), the introduction of the HotDogger hot dog cooker (1960), the revolutionary PrestoBurger hamburger cooker (1974), the FryBaby electric deep fryer (1976), and the PopcornNow hot air corn popper (1978). In the '80s, as many consumers were demanding less fat and more fresh vegetables and fruits, the company introduced the SaladShooter electric slicer/shredder. The company's inventive nature hasn't stopped in the new century, either, as it unveiled The Pizzazz pizza oven in 2000. Forecasting the needs of the American consumer and seeking to fill those needs through a consistent program of product innovation, quality manufacturing, and aggressive marketing has been the objective of National Presto Industries for 100 years and will continue to be in the years ahead.Please visit

The Power of Pressure

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Nice Post. In this era, we highly depend on different types of cookware. And many brands in the market but we can't think about which one is best or not. United Cooker is very popular in cookware brand in India. united Cooker serving the best quality cookware or pressure cookers in India from 1954.

Dipesh said...

I have been going through some test on brand which one is good and have high resistance that can last long. Presto type cook ware was one of the top 10 best appliances. People can use presto type cook wares for home use for best use. I have been using presto electric griddle and pressure cooker.